Ohio governor John Kasich calls for 'common sense' gun laws

Posted at 6:49 PM, Apr 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-19 19:53:16-04

CINCINNATI -- Ethel Guttenberg's granddaughter, Jaime, was one of the people killed in the mass shooting at a Florida high school in February. 

"It's very hard, and it's two months, not going away," Guttenberg said. "I don't think it ever will."

Now, her goal is to make sure other families don't feel what she's felt. Guttenberg is pushing for gun restrictions, not a ban. That's why she said she supports Gov. John Kasich's push to revise Ohio's firearms laws. 

Kasich said he's championing the gun reform because it's "really an important public issue." He reached the recommendations by bringing together a nonpartisan group to form a "common sense" gun plan.

"They came up with a package that meets right in the middle," he said. 

State lawmakers introduced a bill last month that wouldn't ban certain models of weapons or raise a purchasing age, but it would enable family members to ask authorities to temporarily strip gun rights from people who show warning signs of violence. It would also prohibit people under domestic violence protection orders form buying or possessing firearms, and increase penalties for anyone who guys a gun for someone who shouldn't have one. 

"The problem is, this issue will not go away, unfortunately because there will be more violence," Kasich said. "So you can only put your head in the sand for so long."

The Buckeye Firearms Association said Kasich's plan isn't the answer. They believe the legislation would strip rights from law-abiding people. According to the wording in the bill, anyone convicted of even a non-violent felony offense wouldn't be allowed to have a gun. 

The group wants existing restrictions to be used instead of new ones being added.

That wouldn't be good enough for Guttenberg, who misses her granddaughter. 

"Jaime's wish would be for nobody else to join her in the cemetery," she said. "It's terrible."