Ohio Gov. John Kasich has new book out; will he run for president again?

Posted at 4:40 PM, Apr 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-25 16:40:31-04

CINCINNATI -- Ohio Gov. John Kasich is making the rounds with the release of his new book.

The release of Two Paths: America Divided or United has a lot of people wondering what the next chapter will be for Kasich. Will he run for president again?

Kasich addressed the question on The View Tuesday.

"A lot of people say, Well, he wrote this be 'cause he wants to run for office or whatever.' No, I wrote this book because, folks, we can't live fighting, even inside our own families."

But what about fighting within the Republican Party? University of Cincinnati political science professor David Niven said Kasich is pointing out the differences in the party, now led by President Donald Trump. Kasich never endorsed Trump.

"I think he wants to be heard on that," Niven said. "There are other approaches to politics, and perhaps a different future for the Republican Party."

Meanwhile, the release of the book nearly coincides with the 100-day mark of the Trump administration. The new book has garnered local interest.

"We've sold quite a few copies before the book came out, and we've had quite a few people come in an purchase books today," Spencer Hoffman of Joseph-Beth Books in Norwood said.

Kasich has so far indicated he doesn't plan another political race, but authoring a book is sometimes a step on the road to the White House.

He will be at Joseph-Beth in Norwood Saturday for a meet and greet and book-signing.