Doc facing 25 counts of murder over drug doses has hearing

Mount Carmel West
Posted at 10:39 AM, Aug 28, 2019

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — The Ohio doctor charged with 25 counts of murder is set for a hearing Wednesday after seeking to use a new lawyer known for successfully defending high-profile clients such as Casey Anthony and Aaron Hernandez.

Florida-based Jose Baez identified himself as William Husel's attorney in a filing seeking to be part of the defense despite not practicing law in Ohio.

The Columbus-area Mount Carmel Health System found Husel ordered excessive painkillers for dozens of hospital patients who died.

He pleaded not guilty . Another defense attorney has said the 43-year-old doctor was providing comfort care for dying patients, not trying to kill them.

In related lawsuits, Mount Carmel has reached settlements totaling $13.5 million .

It also fired 23 nurses, pharmacists and managers after its review. They aren't being criminally prosecuted.