Conservative group forms to push for bail reform in Ohio

Posted at 8:37 AM, Mar 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-07 08:37:01-05

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A number of Ohio conservatives are renewing a push for bail reform by forming a new group.

Members of the newly-formed Ohio Conservatives for Bail Reform held a news conference Wednesday. reports the group argued the state court system unfairly benefits the wealthy, breaks apart families, infringes on personal liberty and wastes taxpayer money.

Executive Director Michael Hartley says the group has ambitious goals of securing 11 changes to the bail system, including setting bail levels at affordable prices and holding bail hearings within 48 hours of an arrest.

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In Ohio, certain cities like Cleveland and Toledo are already using a different scoring system that helps determine whether a defendant should be freed before trial.