Sheriff identifies suspect in NKY creepy clown case

Attendance cut in half after threat

WARSAW, Ky. -- The Gallatin County Sheriff's Department announced Wednesday that they had identified the person responsible for sending a series of "creepy clown" shooting threats that led to parents pulling their children out of school on Tuesday. The did not publicize this suspect's identity.

Gallatin County Schools stepped up security Tuesday after receiving a “vague threat of violence” on Facebook the day before, and the sheriff's staff collaborated with the FBI and Homeland Security to search for the culprit. The names used in the Gallatin County messages have been used in other, similar threats across the country, according to Sheriff Josh Neale.

“The threat does not seem creditable (sic), but in order to ensure the safety of students and staff we take all threats seriously,” a district representative wrote on Facebook.

Attendance on Tuesday was down to 48 percent -- typical attendance is 95 percent, according to school officials.

Michelle Murphy, whose children attend Gallatin County Schools, said the source of the threat was a pair of Facebook accounts with clowns in their profile pictures.

In screenshots Murphy sent to WCPO, “Bobby Daklown” and “Michael Daklown” threatened to shoot students at area high schools.

"Creepy clowns" on Facebook threatened to shoot students at Kentucky schools, according to Michelle Murphy, whose children attend Gallatin County Schools.

Creepy clowns have made a splash across the country recently, with reported sightings of sinister individuals in clown costume in Pennsylvania, South Carolina and now Kentucky.


Neale said Tuesday that the person or people making the "clown threats" could face local charges of inducing panic and terroristic threatening.

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