Prosecutor: Gang members' attempted robbery ends in fatal shooting

Posted at 11:21 AM, Jun 30, 2021

DUPONT, Ind. — Jason Brewer and his friends — all members of the motorcycle gangs The Pagans and The Warlocks — were upset to see a non-member wearing the clubs’ symbols, prosecutors wrote Wednesday morning. A quintet of would-be enforcers arrived at his Dupont, Indiana home with guns in hand on June 22, 2021.

Their intent was “to beat up a man and take his personal property,” fueled by their anger that he had worn their gangs’ symbols, according to Jefferson County Prosecutor David Sutter.

But the subsequent shootout had only one casualty, according to police: Dustin Lindner, 35, one of the suspected gang members who had participated in the raid.

Lindner’s four suspected accomplices — Jason Brewer, 34; Gary Fletcher, 40; David Faulkner, 52; and Michael Karnuth, 31 — all stand charged with his murder, with the attempted murder of their target and attempted burglary and robbery of the target’s home.

A fifth person, 26-year-old Jordan Lindner, faces charges of assisting a criminal and obstructing justice in connection to the incident.

The Department of Justice characterizes The Pagans as "one of the most prominent outlaw motorcycle gangs in the eastern United States," according to a December indictment of 30 members accused of distributing heroin, cocaine and meth throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania. The Warlocks' presence has historically been visible in Florida, according to coverage from Florida news outlets, although recent news coverage indicates chapters in South Carolina and other southeastern states.