Ohio beer lovers, you can help make this happen: Beer on tap in Columbus hotel guestrooms

Posted at 4:05 PM, Mar 10, 2017

In case you needed a reason to visit the Columbus area this might be it. 

A company called BrewDog USA just launched its new craft beer brewery in Canal Winchester, just southwest of the state capital. It's an offshoot of parent company BrewDog, founded in Scotland in 2007.

No sooner had BrewDog USA opened its doors, than its leaders decided to launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring a unique hotel to Ohio: the BrewDog Craft Beer Hotel & Sour Beer Facility.

According to its page at, the hotel will be a dream come true for beer aficionados:

"From waking up to a view of our sour beer foeders and the smell of freshly mashed malt, to hop-infused spa treatments and beer breakfasts, and even amazing craft beer on tap in your bedroom - this hotel will have it all."

As the Dayton Daily News reports, other perks of the proposed hotel include a fridge filled with beer in the shower, so “you’re never more than arm’s reach away form a chilled can of Punk IPA.”

The idea is tapping into the passion of people who love craft beer: BrewDog USA had raised $171,434 by March 10.