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Kentucky State Police trooper involved in fatal shooting of man in Grant County

Kentucky State Police
Posted at 10:41 AM, Nov 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-04 19:02:18-04

GRANT COUNTY, Ky. — A Kentucky State Police trooper was involved in a shooting that led to a man's death in Grant County early Wednesday, according to a press release sent on Thursday morning by the KSP.

The shooting happened around 1:45 a.m. on Wednesday morning, KSP said.

Responding to a request from WCPO, KSP said it had been responding to a 911 call "asking for law enforcement assistance" in the 800 block of Chipman Ridge Road.

KSP said only that a man had been transported to St. Elizabeth Grant Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. They called him a "suspect," but did not say what it was he was suspected of doing.

"KSP is committed to being transparent while ensuring the integrity of the investigation," the agency told WCPO in the statement. "To protect the integrity of an ongoing investigation, it is KSP standard operating procedure not to release the specific details until vital witnesses have been interviewed and pertinent facts gathered. Timelines to complete investigations vary based on the complexity of the case."

According to Grant County Coroner Mark Jump, the victim had died from gunshot wounds. He told WCPO the autopsy wouldn't officially be completed until toxicology reports are completed, which would take a few weeks.

No law enforcement were injured, KSP said.

WCPO has reached out to KSP for more information and will continue to update this story as we learn more.

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