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Free app will let drivers show Taylor Mill officials where potholes are

Posted at 12:14 AM, Mar 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-20 00:14:03-04

TAYLOR MILL, KY. — Potholes on Wayman Branch Road caught Laverne Sloan’s eye on her way to grab lunch Tuesday.

"Wayman Branch is a kind of dangerous road as usual, but with the potholes it makes it even worse," Sloan said.

It seems everyone knows where to find a pothole in Taylor Mill.

"Yes, we've run into quite a few problems. I noticed a few big ones down at the entrance of 275 going west," said Rosemary Robison.

Drive anywhere in the Tri-State this time of year and you're bound to run into potholes. Now little Taylor Mill is turning to a smartphone app to get ahead of pothole problems.

The city estimates it deals with 200 to 300 potholes between February and April every year. It doesn't know for sure because the city doesn't keep track. But that’s going to change.

Next week Taylor Mill will start using an app called SeeClickFix. People can download the free app and quickly upload pictures to show city officials where potholes are - and anything else they want the city to fix, said Brian Haney, city administrative officer.

"We're saying potholes ... it can be anything,” Haney said. “They will get a response saying, OK, here is the status. It's been fixed or it's under review."

The city is paying $4,500 to try the app for one year. Haney says it will help the maintenance department keep better track of its work.

People who know all about potholes problems say they'll give the app a try

"Yeah, I would. I definitely would," said Deanna Rison, who works in Taylor Mill.

"Yes, I would. Especially younger people because they're more apt to use it," said Laverne Sloan, who lives near Taylor Mill.

"It's convenient and you can use it right away when you're thinking about it,” said Rosemary Robison. “You don't have to go home and remember to call.”