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Be extra careful if you're shopping online this Cyber Monday

Posted at 8:11 AM, Nov 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-27 08:11:40-05

Many Tri-Staters are spending the workday shopping for Cyber Monday deals (we won't tell your boss!), so here are the tricks to remember to avoid common online shopping pitfalls.

Phishing emails

"They'll get an email from FedEx or UPS or DHL saying that their shipment has arrived or is in process. Click here to check the status. And they'll click and it's a trick," said Brent Cooper, president of the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. He also owns an IT firm.

Cooper recommends closing out that email and going to the vendor's website directly to enter account information and check on shipment progress.

Fishy Wi-Fi

Don't make purchases from a public Wi-Fi connection since they can be hacked easily. When you do go online, examine the web address closely to make sure it's genuine.

"Use the https, make sure it's there," Cooper said. "Often times, there will be a lock (symbol) on the browser depending on the browser that you use."

Cyber thieves want to either get your information or corrupt your computer and make you pay a ransom to unlock it. It happens to both corporations (like Uber recently) and individuals.

"Be critical of what you see online. There's a lot that's safe and most vendors are good. But, there are people that want to steal your money. And so, you have to protect yourself," Cooper said.

One final warning is to never send your credit card information via email since it's not secure.