Ohio bill to bolster convicted driver penalties

Posted at 9:09 PM, Dec 19, 2015

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- Proposed legislation in Ohio is seeking to increase penalties for drivers convicted in certain aggravated vehicular homicides.

The bill seeks to close a loophole that can allow aggravated vehicular homicide offenders to serve prison sentences and have their driver's license reinstated immediately or shortly after their release.

The House passed the measure earlier this month, sending it to the Senate for consideration.

Currently, convicted drivers can face prison time and a lifetime driver's license suspension. They can apply for their license reinstatement after 15 years. The bill's sponsors say prison time shouldn't count toward those years since the offenders can't drive.

Under the bill, drivers couldn't apply for reinstatement until 15 years after their release from prison. They still could get driving privileges for work or other purposes.