If Bengals win, Pittsburgh's mayor must do this

Posted at 7:09 PM, Jan 06, 2016

CINCINNATI -- If the Bengals win the playoff game Saturday, Pittsburgh's mayor will have to serve up Cincinnati's favorite foods at a homeless shelter, rocking a Cincinnati Bengals jersey.  

Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley said he will be hosting Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto for the game Saturday. The two have agreed to a traditional game-day bet, with a twist: the mayor of the losing team promises to work at a homeless shelter in his hometown, wearing the opposing team's jersey.

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"So, the mayor of Pittsburgh, of course, will be wearing a Bengals jersey at a shelter in Pittsburgh," Cranley said during a Cincinnati City Council meeting Wednesday. 

The losing city's mayor will also donate some of their hometown food staples to serve at the homeless shelter. Cranley will serve at the City Gospel Mission in Queensgate should the Bengals lose. He'll also ship Peduto a care package full of Graeter's ice cream sundaes, Gold Star Chili coneys and Montgomery Inn goodies. 

If Pittsburgh loses, Peduto promises to send a care package stuffed with Primanti Brothers sandwiches, frankfurters and pierogies from Franktuary, Smiley cookies, some Heinz Co. goodies -- including macaroni and cheese -- as well as local ice cream. 

We'd take the Cincinnati care package over the Pittsburgh any day. 

Cranley said he and Peduto will be around Cincinnati tailgating and will watch the game together Saturday.