New Trump-Pence logo seen as a bit pervy by some

New Trump-Pence logo seen as a bit pervy by some
Posted at 9:59 AM, Jul 16, 2016

CINCINNATI -- If you don't see anything wrong with the logo above, well, then you probably don't have the dirty kind of mind that's got a lot of folks giggling to themselves.

Donald Trump announced this week that Indiana Gov. Mike Pence would be his running mate. So naturally, the Trump ticket had to follow up with a new logo. It came in a fundraising email sent Friday by the presumptive Republican nominee's Make America Great Again Committee.

Except, well, some see two problems:

First, there's the letters themselves -- T and P.

TP. Like toilet paper.

Then there's the, uh, "suggestive" nature of how the letters are interlocked. In fact, some think "interlocked" is being too kind.

Don't get the joke yet? It's 2016, so we'll let the emojis explain:

(And if you still don't get it, find a grownup and ask them. We're not giving you the birds-and-bees talk, kid.)

Before you accuse us of being filthy, mind-in-the-gutter journalists, you should know we aren't the only ones - Politico, CNN Politics and The Hill have covered this topic, too.

So we want to hear from you.