Davidson wins GOP nomination for Boehner's seat

Posted at 10:16 PM, Mar 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-16 01:07:52-04

CINCINNATI – Warren Davidson picked up the GOP nomination to run for the seat in Congress left open by John Boehner in Tuesday’s primary, the Associated Press reported.

Davidson, 46, of Concord Township, had 32 percent of the vote with 98 percent of districts reporting for the 8th District seat.

Following him were Timothy Derickson with 24 percent and Bill Beagle with 20 percent. It was a crowded field with more than a dozen candidates seeking the nomination.

Davidson is an Army veteran who has served as a township trustee. He works as the managing director of Integral Manufacturing in Troy and Fairfield.

In his campaign, Davidson has focused on economic growth and national security as two priorities.

He will face Democrat Corey Foister and third-party candidate James Condit Jr. for the seat in a special election June 7.

Foister, 25, of Fairfield, was the only Democrat in the race and one of the youngest candidates for Congress this year.

He graduated from Northern Kentucky University last year with a degree in political science. He created a political website called Next Generation America.

Foister has called clean energy the most important issue in the campaign, as well as infrastructure like the Brent Spence Bridge.

Condit, 63, is running as a Green Party candidate. He lives outside the district in White Oak.

He ran campaigns against Boehner for the seat several times.