New app from Catholic Church dubbed 'Sindr' helps find nearby church, confession

Posted at 4:20 PM, Nov 23, 2016

CINCINNATI -- Gotta get something off your chest? The Vatican is making an app for that.

"Sindr" helps the faithful find the nearest Catholic church for Mass or confession, reports.

That's not its real name, by the way: You'll find it as the more staid "The Catholic App." Some people found that too uninspired and nicknamed it Sindr, which seems to be sticking.

The app part of the church's outreach to millennials and a broad plan for the "Extraordinary Year of Jubilee," a time meant for Catholics to focus on reflection and mercy.

Sindr's developer, Musemantik founder Dr. Maciej Zurawski, said it's key to reaching "the mobile generation."

The app is expected to go live early next year.

"I hope everyone's going to use it," Archbishop Leo Cushley said.