'We're getting clobbered': Hamilton County Animal Shelter has more pets than kennels

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CINCINNATI — Cincinnati Animal CARE is turning to the public for help as the Hamilton County Animal Shelter tries to keep up with a record number of animals coming in this month.

Community Relations Manager Ray Anderson said there are more dogs at the shelter than kennels.

"It's very tough for us," Anderson said. "As of this morning we're at negative-12 kennels, so that means every kennel plus 12 more spaces are being used."

Cincinnati Animal CARE Humane Society took over operations at the shelter in August 2020, but Anderson said they have never had to deal with an influx like this.

"A massive increase on what we're used to seeing month to month when we were already full," Anderson said. "To put it frankly, we're getting clobbered."

The shelter has taken in 720 animals in October, the most they've ever had in a single month. Its previous intake record was 590 animals.

"The number one thing that helps us with the crowding issue is fostering," Anderson said. "Fostering helps so much. It gets the animals out of the shelter, into a home."

In order to try and get some of the animals into loving homes, the shelter is discounting adult animal adoptions to $10.31 all weekend.

"For folks that want to help, the biggest thing that we can ask is adopt or foster," Anderson said. "We always say adopt. If you can't adopt, foster. If you can't foster, maybe donate."