Tri-State animal shelters, rescue groups get 100K pounds of donated dog food

United Pet Fund distributes low-, no-cost supplies
Posted at 8:32 AM, Feb 18, 2018

BLUE ASH, Ohio -- Dozens of animal shelters and rescue groups are getting an unexpected gift Sunday: 100,000 pounds of dog food.

United Pet Fund will distribute 10,000 bags donated by Blue Buffalo to organizations such as Cincinnati-based Homeless Animal Rescue Team, Louie's Legacy, and Luv Fur Mutts in Fairfield.

Shelters and rescue groups feed, house and provide medical care for animals until they're adopted, and that work can be expensive.

"It's a struggle many times, because, in fact a lot of them, the vast majority of them, spend money from their own pocket to do that," said Dr. Zeke Zekoff, United Pet Fund president.

Founded in 2010, United Pet Fund acts as an umbrella organization to solicit donations and support from the business community. It connects, collects and shares products to help small rescue groups and animals shelters in the region. Currently, it supports more than 90 animal welfare organizations in the Tri-State with low- or no-cost supplies.

That leaves the shelters with more money to spend on veterinarian bills, or could let them take in a few more animals.

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