More students in Africa will learn computer skills thanks to this man's hobby

Local effort goes global
Chartable Computing Mi
Posted at 1:50 PM, Jul 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-11 20:53:27-04

MASON, Ohio — A self-proclaimed “finance guy” is taking his expertise in computers, and sharing it with the world.

Martin Klenke’s latest project is helping to fix computers that will eventually make their way to Africa.

“People that don’t have computers are at a real disadvantage in today’s society,” Klenke said. “For me, that’s an equalizer for people that have less circumstance and need some better circumstance.”

Klenke is a member and co-founder of Charitable Computing Ministry. The organization provides free computers to local charities and communities surrounding St. Susanna Parish in Mason with help from sponsors and donors.

But Klenke doesn’t just give away free computers. He and his organization have been helping to rebuild and repurpose old and unwanted computers coming up on two years now.

“You can get an education on a computer all by yourself,” he said. “You can access government research studies, you can become an astrophysicist if you wanted to.”

On Thursday, Klenke sat down with Sister Rita from Sisters of the Visitation so she could one day help fix and rebuild computers that will be taken to Togo, in west Africa.

“She was telling me the story about how she had shipped 12 computers over to a school in Togo and only one of them worked,” Klenke explained. So this time, Klenke is sending her abroad with supplies and knowledge.

Charitable Computing Ministry is able to send Sister Rita to Togo with 18 computers donated by Gensuite LLC.

“My hope is that this will boost their programs and allow them to have a sustainable computer training program in their countries,” Klenke said.

He had just one last wish of his own.

“I’d love to go to Togo if I’m called,” he said.

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