Weight Watchers introduces diet wine just in time for the holidays

Cense Sauvignon Blanc has 85 calories per glass
Weight Watchers introduces diet wine just in time for the holidays
Posted at 8:15 AM, Nov 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-15 08:15:47-05

Pour yourself another glass this Thanksgiving because Weight Watchers has just debuted the first in its line of "diet wine."

A glass of the new Cense Sauvignon Blanc will weigh drinkers down with only 85 calories instead of the standard 120 to 140 in most white wines, according to Business Insider.

"We’re not about diet. We’re about living life to its fullest," Ryan Nathan, Weight Watchers vice president of products, licensing and e-commerce, told USA Today. "Wine is the No. 2 tracked beverage in our app. We know members are enjoying wine. Sometimes, maybe too much."

He said a rosé will also be released through Weight Watchers' collaboration with Truett-Hurst WineryBusiness Insider's taste testers said Cense pleasantly surprised them.

"We were expecting a cheap, boxed wine flavor or the strong aftertaste that some other diet liquors tend to have, but instead got a nice and fruity flavor profile," Joanna Fantozzi wrote. "Of course, this Sauvignon Blanc was nowhere near the quality you might get at a fancy restaurant, but you would never know it was a 'diet' alcoholic beverage."

So, it's light on the diet, but how about your wallet? Cense's website sells the wine for $15 per bottle, with a 20 percent discount and free shipping should you like it enough to buy in bulk. It's also currently on shelves at select Kroger grocery stores.