Tom + Chee to make its fourth appearance on 'Shark Tank'

Posted at 2:55 PM, Jan 22, 2015
and last updated 2017-01-27 09:17:01-05

NOTE: Tom+Chee will appear on ABC's Shark Tank again on Feb. 3. This story originally published in January 2015.

CINCINNATI – Cincinnati-based restaurant Tom+Chee will make its fourth appearance on ABC’s “Shark Tank.”

The gourmet grilled cheese chain will be featured in a new Feb. 3 episode, which will include updates on the restaurant’s growth and success.

It will also show the five-year anniversary celebration that took place on Fountain Square on Dec 3, 2014. 

“We’re honored to be featured as part of the Feb. 3 ‘Shark Tank’ episode,” Tom+Chee co-founders Corey Ward and Trew Quackenbush said in a release. “We’re so proud of the growth we’ve seen, and the excitement and support we’ve received.”

The upcoming episode will mark Tom+Chee’s fourth appearance on Shark Tank in just under two years.

By the end of 2014, Tom+Chee had 19 open locations, with the company generating more than $1 million in monthly sales, Quackenbush said.

Ward and Quackenbush expect to have more than 30 new locations opening across the United States in 2015. Tom+Chee currently has a total of 170 stores under contract in more than 20 states.