Skyline's new crackers get a salty reaction from chili fans

Posted at 3:20 PM, Feb 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-14 07:46:53-05

CINCINNATI -- In ancient times, early humans looked to the sky to question their place in the universe.

Now, people are looking to Twitter to question the new crackers at Skyline Chili.

An informal taste test indicated the new crackers are saltier and more buttery than Skyline's classic crackers.

A Skyline spokesperson said their old baker is changing business model and will no longer be supplying their crackers.

The company is "working hard at a seamless change in suppliers, and are in the midst of transitioning to a high-quality baker who shares our passion for the Skyline Chili experience," they said.

Folks on Twitter had mixed reaction to the change in crackers.

Others were more positive about the change.

Skyline said they took feedback from customers who said the new crackers were too salty and were directing their new bakers to "stay true to the oyster cracker attributes our customers know and love."

The cracker shakeup has certainly made us take a moment to think back and appreciate the crackers we once had.

Have you tried the new crackers? What are your thoughts? Please, share them by voting in our poll below:




Do you like Skyline's new crackers?
Yes, big improvement
No, old ones were better
They seem the same to me

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