Cheers! 3 tips to shop for wine like an expert

Posted at 6:22 PM, May 17, 2017

A new study by the Institute of Food Research suggests that wine is good for your brain! Before you go and grab a bottle, wine expert Mark Tarbell is showing Lindsey Granger how to pick out the perfect wine.

1.  Check the ABV

High alcohol adds a little weight and body and is also fatiguing. High alcohol wines are anything with an ABV over 15 percent.

2.  Consider Climate

Warm climates have shorter growing seasons which are obviously hotter, so you have higher alcohol, higher sugar and lower acidity. This can make the wine seem sweeter. Cold climates have longer growing seasons. These wines have higher acidity and lower alcohol. Colder climate wines are tarter and their taste intensifies the longer they sit in your glass.

3.  Don’t Trash, Transform

If you taste a cabernet sauvignon and you don't love it then try adding merlot. If it's still horrible then take a little bit of chilled sauvignon blanc and mix about 5 percent in. This will chill it down a little bit and also give it some freshness. If you're drinking white wine then try creating a spritzer by adding ginger beer or club soda.

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