Camp Washington Urban Farm feeds the needs of its community

Posted at 4:30 AM, Jun 11, 2018

CINCINNATI -- It's not hard to notice the salt dome along Interstate 75. But many drivers may miss the urban farm across the street.

The Camp Washington Urban Farm is in its fifth year, created as part of an effort to deal with a food desert in the neighborhood. Community organizer James Heller-Jackson said they're on target to raise 300,000 pounds of produce this year.

"Who would think that there's an actual working farm right along I-75 in Camp Washington?" he said.

The farm produces beets, Swiss chard and other veggies. They also encourage residents to grow food at home. 

Most of the food produced by the farm is given away.

"We have a cart that we take around the neighborhood and also up to Northside to CAIN food pantry and to Freestore Foodbank," Heller-Jackson said. 

Ian Zeglin is the farm manager. That means managing the goats and the chickens, along with the produce. The idea is to get locally-grown food to kitchen tables.

"Like a third of all produce that's grown is grown in northern California," Zeglin said. "So bringing these urban spaces into development is really important in terms of bringing food to communities."