Cincygram shows the sights of the historic Mohawk District in Over-the-Rhine

CINCINNATI -- Some of the oldest parts of our city have been through rough times over the past several decades, but beauty can still be found in many of them.

Dave Schmidt

A good example is the Mohawk District in Over-the-Rhine. Just as OTR has seen a revitalization, the historic district could see the same. A plan to refurbish the Imperial Theatre is a sign of possible things to come.

Dave Schmidt recently took a walk around Mohawk and captured some remarkable black-and-white photos of the sights there for

CHECK IT OUT: See Dave Schmidt's photos of the historic Mohawk District.

Schmidt is the photographer for Cincygram. That's his incredibly popular Instagram handle. He has more than 37,000 followers on Instagram, where he focuses on the beauty this region has to offer.



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