Why Trump? Here's what you told us

Posted at 6:00 AM, Feb 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-24 07:33:45-05

When it started in June, the Donald Trump for President campaign was laughed off. It won’t last, we said.

Eight months later, Trump is well on his way to earning the Republican Party’s nomination for president, something that was almost unthinkable back in the summer. It’s politics, so anything can happen. But his numbers are “yuuuge,” and a new poll even has him beating local boy John Kasich in our key state of Ohio.

We haven’t seen anything like Trump in decades of politics watching. Honestly, we’re a little taken aback by the whole phenomenon. So on the WCPO Facebook page, we asked supporters why they like him. You can like our Facebook page to get in on the debate.

Here’s what you said. 

Chris Cunningham He's not another BS lying politician. He talks about what everyone is afraid to mention and will stand up against anyone. Sick of Republicans and Democrats just lying to get in the White House and never follow through with anything. Trump speaks the truth and I believe he will follow through as well. Maybe America won't be a bunch of crying babies and weakness of the world if he gets elected. No more "being offended." If you don't like it keep your mouth shut and keep it to yourself! 

Chris Cunningham’s comment received 38 thumbs ups and reflected what many others liked – Trump’s rejection of political correctness, his tough talk and his genuine standing as the anti-politician. Trump's brashness, his in-your-face style, his domineering intimidation of his opponents and others is resonating with many. 

Todd Slagle Trump don't worry about political correctness at all which I feel is destroying America. He has good views on both sides of the table and is NOT afraid to call them out on it. But most of all is that he is NOT a career politician and can't and won't be bought out !!!!

Trumps is funding his own campaign, not taking political contributions, and that was cited as a plus by many, even some who don’t necessarily plan to vote for  him.

Adam Garvey I'm not a Trump supporter but I appreciate that he isn't bought by lobbyists and I think secretly he's more moderate than the other Republican candidates.

Trump’s record in business (he is a billionaire real estate developer) appeals to many, who are swayed by his claim that he is the one who can negotiate with China, Mexico and other countries to advance America's interests.

David Chisenhall He is the only one that's qualified and with a track record to actually do negotiations. He is the first since Perot that talks about using trade deals to our advantage and getting a handle on immigration. He is the only one I think that gets serious about bring manufacturing back to the US. 

June Brown He is not a politician. He is a successful businessman. He says what he believes and believes what he says! He is off the cuff so there is no guessing about where he stands.

Trump supporters at a Feb. 21 rally in Atlanta.

Trump has bashed Mexicans, Muslims, the Chinese, John McCain, Fox News, Megyn Kelly, George W. Bush ... even the Pope, for heaven's sake. Coming from any other candidate, any one of those incidents could have spelled the end of a campaign. But coming from Trump, it's celebrated among his supporters.

David Cagg Because he speaks his mind and though he is sometimes harsh it's what people need to hear and what needs to be said. We've been giving money away to countries that hate us and he wants to put a stop to it. Plus look at all the other countries who've spoke out against him. Do you think they hate him because he's gonna give them more money or because they know that the gravy train is fixing to come to a halt. We're at the highest national debt we've ever had in this country and I believe he has what it takes to turn it around. He has some of the smartest people in the country working for him and I believe he will get consultation from them to make big decisions as well as place the right people below him to get the job done. 

Some of you are just plain fed up with Washington, with politics as usual and what’s perceived as a general decline of the nation. In Trump, some see a genuine outsider who won't give in to political pressures. 

Amy Rademaker Given We have given the Republicans the House & Senate in the past two elections and they have failed to do what we put them in there to do. The have given in to Obama on everything. We are fed up and that is why we are supporting Trump. Trump is a leader and there is no doubt that he will fix our broken immigration system, get our budget under control and the best part is he isn't taking any money, so he can't be bought. He is doing this for the good of America, he doesn't even want a salary! I say its time to give a businessman a try!

Tony Brown He's got my vote because he appears to have the swagger, the intelligence and the strength I'd want out of a president. Given the way America has been betrayed by the liberal Democratic party and their Muslim leader it's time to restore order and kick ass and take names. Time to build walls! Give these illegal immigrants the boot! And save our failed economy!

Cynthia Sheldon I want Trump because he wants what the American people want.

This follower sounds so fed up that he is desperate for a change.

Justin Slover You can't stump the Trump. He is either going to lead us into the pits of hell or carry America to where we need be. I will take my chances.

Then there was this post, summing up the anger that Trump has so successfully tapped into.

Floyd Duck I like him because he hates everybody ... and ain't afraid to say it.

Trump and supporters at a rally in South Carolina.