WHAT YOU SAID: Your suggestions on how to save the Cincinnati Bengals' season

Posted at 6:30 AM, Oct 27, 2017

CINCINNATI -- The Bengals look to be on their way to another less-than-mediocre season. But hey, there's still 10 games left. Still time to turn it around, right?

But they need help. So we asked you -- the Monday morning quarterbacks, the diehard, long-suffering fans of Bengaldom -- what do they need to do?

Let's just say you had a few suggestions.

We received hundreds of comments. 

To some of you, the Bengals' problems are so perplexing that you suggested an extreme makeover of sorts:

In a completely unscientific poll, we asked whether the Bengals should start backup quarterback AJ McCarron, fire coach Marvin Lewis, fire owner Mike Brown or do all of the above. Of the 447 votes at deadline, 44 percent opted for "all of the above."

Robert F. Bennington sort of summed up the "all of the above" group:

Tim Lord of Colerain Township emailed: 

The Bengals are long overdue for a complete coach and front office personnel  change. It will be the same old same old mediocre games until major changes are made.

We don't think Mike Brown can even be fired, but that didn't stop suggestions along those lines:

And of course, there was scorn for starting quarterback Andy Dalton:

But the leading recommendation was making a change in the head coach:

But we sensed something deeper. Something that perhaps cannot be cured by a new offensive line or a new quarterback. We'll call it Bengal Burnout. It's a malady that can defy treatment:

In fact, you could even say it borders on despair for some. So much so that, with their hopes dashed, they came up with some desperate suggestions:

But there's no need for despair; there's always Sunday: Bengals vs. the Colts, at The Jungle. 

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