WHAT YOU SAID: The Cincinnati Reds Opening Day Parade belongs on -- duh! -- Opening Day

Posted at 10:00 AM, Nov 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-03 10:41:38-04

The Opening Day Parade should be on Opening Day ... duh!

That's what many of you said about the plan for next year, when Opening Day in Cincinnati will be unlike what we are accustomed to.

Opening Day (the Reds' earliest ever, by the way) happens to be on Thursday, March 29. That is also Holy Thursday, the first day of the four-day Easter weekend.

So, the Findlay Market merchants group that runs the parade opted to hold it four days after the actual Opening Day -- on Monday, April 2.

The group said the market is open and busy on Thursdays and will especially be so on the morning of Holy Thursday. On Mondays -- the day of the week Opening Day traditionally falls on -- shops are open at the merchants' discretion.

And Holy Thursday is ... well, a holy day recognized by most Christian denominations.

What that means for fans is a March 29 Opening Day without an Opening Day parade. And four days later, a parade without an Opening Day game.

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Our What You Said question this week: Should next year's Opening Day Parade be held four days after Opening Day?

Heavens no, posted Yvonne Wakefield.

Heads will roll, wrote Lisa Stewart.

And Sheila Rosenthal sounds ready to start a personal boycott.

But hold on, wrote Donna Foltz. The Findlay Market group thought this through and they have valid reasons.

Maybe Major League Baseball and the Reds need to change the date of Opening Day, emailed Dora Anderson.

It's not the traditional Reds Opening Day without both parade and game on same day. Ask the Reds and Major League Baseball to reschedule opening day to non-religious day. This day is famous worldwide as a whole, parade + game = Opening Day. 

Our completely unscientific poll garnered 203 votes at deadline, and 51 percent of you said the parade should be held the same day as the Opening Day game. Twenty-eight percent agreed with Findlay Market's decision and 21 percent said the parade's the thing and you'll be there either day.

We'll close with this comment from Bill Carpenter, obviously a frustrated Reds fan who may have posted this after watching the Houston Astros win their first World Championship ever this week.

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