WHAT YOU SAID: An Opening Day without a parade?

Posted at 9:32 AM, Oct 31, 2017

Next year, Opening Day in Cincinnati will be a little different.

For one, it will be the earliest ever -- March 29.

But that date happens to be a Thursday, and Holy Thursday at that, the first day of the four-day Easter weekend.

So, the Findlay Market merchants group that runs the Opening Day Parade opted to hold it four days after the actual Opening Day, on Monday, April 2.

The shop owners group said the market is open and busy on Thursdays and will especially be so on the morning of Holy Thursday. On Mondays, shops are open at the merchants' discretion. And Holy Thursday is ... well, a holy day recognized by most Christian denominations. All of that combined to persuade the parade organizers to hold the festive event a few days after the Reds start their season. 

"We're going to hope that we can rekindle the Opening Day atmosphere four days later," Findlay Market Association president Neil Luken said.

What that means for fans is a March 29 Opening Day without an Opening Day parade. And four days later, a parade without an Opening Day game.

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That leads us to our What You Said question this week: Should next year's Opening Day Parade be held four days after Opening Day?

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