What do you get when you cross Star Wars with Cincinnati?

Posted at 7:56 PM, Dec 17, 2015
and last updated 2016-12-18 07:58:35-05 cartoonist Kevin Necessary is a Star Wars fanatic and a proud Cincinnatian. Put those two together and what you get is some creative re-imaginings of local personalities as Star Wars characters. Scroll through these and read Kevin's comments for each. You may never see these Cincinnati personalities in the same intergalactic light again.

John Cranley as Admiral Akbar



Since before his election, Mayor Cranley has been saying only one thing about the streetcar: "It's a trap!"

Andy Dalton as Luke Skywalker


Luke lost his hand in a fight against his main rival, just as Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton "lost" his thumb during a battle against the Steelers last year.

Yvette Simpson as Princess Leia


Leia is both a fighter and a legislator, just like Cincinnati City Councilwoman Yvette Simpson.

Walt Jocketty as a Jawa


The Jawas scour the desert of Tattooine, trying to find spare parts to scavenge and trade -- just as Reds President of Baseball Operations Walt Jocketty tried to do with Reds players.

Pete Rose as Darth Vader


The story of Star Wars is largely that of the fall and redemption of Anakin Skywalker. Here's hoping that Charlie Hustle will one day be redeemed.

Marvin Lewis as Mace Windu


I love drawing Lewis's trademark sidelines scowl, and there's no better scowly Jedi than Windu.

Cincinnati Pops Conductor John Morris Russell as Cantina Band Member


What more needs to be said?

Jim Tarbell as Yoda


Much like Jedi Master Yoda was in the galaxy far, far, away, former Cincinnati Vice-Mayor Jim Tarbell has been a Cincinnati staple forever.

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