Cartoon: Our crumbling city parks

Posted at 4:05 PM, Jan 28, 2016

Cincinnati taxpayers turned down a parks tax last fall that would have funneled cash to the Park Board to upgrade some of the city’s public spaces.

Now, the Park Board chairman says there's no alternative plan to fix problems at city parks.

So, what's going to become of our 100-plus city parks?

That's what Springfield Township resident Adrianna Ivory wants to know, too. Here's a portion of a letter she wrote WCPO:

These parks are the gems of our community and our city has so many of them! Protecting our national parks and forests, like Yosemite and Wayne National Forest, as well as those at the local level is urgent. We can all remember our summer days spent on a paddle boat, walking the dog in the park, or downtown at festivals at Sawyer Point. With such influential founding commitments like the Land and Water Conservation Fund and the Antiquities Act being questioned by the government, these beautiful places are in jeopardy. I am urging Senator Portman to take a stand on behalf of myself and the people of this great city who could not begin to imagine a summer without these gorgeous natural places.

When I read “A Call of the Wild” on by Emily Maxwell covering the Wolf Creek Habitat & Sanctuary, I was shocked that something so beautiful and important was so close to home. As a student and resident in the Cincinnati area, I am just now getting a real look at the sanctuary and what it has to offer to the wolves in the area. It is incredibly important that animals like these have a refuge where they may otherwise have no habitat so that they can thrive! Seeing someone in my own community taking a stand here further inspired my support of the Land and Water Conservation Fund, which allows for and funds refuges just like this one, as well as parks, forests, and trails on the local and national level. This is an imperative resource for the continuing protection of our wild spaces and the life they hold and Senator Portman should support this effort and protect these places. I love the opportunities afforded to me as a Cincinnati resident to see and interact with wildlife in places like these, and I hope that they will continue to be a protected and valuable part of our community.


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