Zika virus causes MLB to relocate games

Zika virus causes MLB to relocate games
Posted at 4:26 PM, May 06, 2016

MLB announced Friday that it is relocating a pair of games scheduled to be played later in May between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Miami Marlins due to scares from the Zika Virus. 

The games were originally scheduled to be played in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Those games have been relocated to Miami, Fla. A big reason for the cancelation is due to the effect the Zika virus causes for pregnant women and their unborn children. The virus, which is carried through mosquitos, has been known to cause birth defects. 

In a statement, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said that it would be unfair to force players to travel to Puerto Rico against their will. 

"Because too many regulars on both clubs fell into that category, Commissioner Manfred had no choice but to relocate the games," MLB said in a statement. 

Manfred is still planning to travel to Puerto Rico, along with a convoy of former MLB stars. MLB said it is staging a number of youth events in the commonwealth. 

San Juan was once a secondary home to the Montreal Expos. The city was considered by MLB officials for the Expos' relocation before the franchise opted to move to Washington. 

San Juan last hosted MLB regular season games in 2010, when the Marlins and Mets met for a three-game series.