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Woman caught on camera stealing music equipment

Surveillance photo
Posted at 10:02 PM, Jan 19, 2022

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — A music store owner was pretty shocked by a brazen theft in broad daylight.

Andy Foote has owned Drum Supply House for 25 years. He helps musicians buy and repair custom drums.

Just like most small business owners, he's been forced to adapt during the pandemic.

"We pivoted during that time, even during lockdown I loaded up my car and was driving drumheads all over town," Foote said.

Monday, he said a woman walked in and mentioned she was shopping for her son's birthday. She asked about some equipment, and while Andy was looking for it, she stole a keyboard.

"It turns out she was trying to get a nice variety of stuff in her pants," Foote said.

She then grabbed a box with a small drum set in it and took off.

"I thought she had just gotten out the door with the little drum set but it was ridiculous to see that she was just cramming everything she could into her pants," Foote said.

The getaway driver was in a black Nissan Rogue.

Foote has filed a report with police, but in the meantime, he wants to warn his neighbors.

"I actually got an anonymous phone call this morning from someone who had an interaction with the same couple a couple days ago in the neighborhood on a job site," he said.

People have already offered to help since he lost hundreds of dollars worth of equipment.

"We already had vendors reach out saying they saw some of their items were stolen and offered to replace those," Foote said.

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