WATCH: Kindergarten teacher's emotional appeal to students, to 'be very, very you'

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Posted at 7:32 PM, Jun 16, 2022

A Washington state kindergarten teacher who has gained quite the online following for his videos helping his students learn remotely has gained even more attention after a video he posted with an emotional appeal to his students to bethemselves.

Garett Talcott has amassed a following of some 30,000 followers on Instagramand has posted dozens of videos aimed at helping the young minds in his class learn more and more. During their reading time at his kindergarten's graduation, he became emotional urging his students to "be very, very you."

It was a powerful message and life lesson that had even more impact as he began to get emotional. The reaction from his students was positive as they realized how important the message was.

It was their first in-person class, so that alone was special, but in the video Mr. Talcott says, "So, go out, be you, and be very, very you."

"That is the most important thing you guys can be," Talcott told his students. "They're happy tears," he told his class as they began to react to his emotional message.

With a deep breath, Mr. Talcott said, "You guys have all the tools, in your invisible backpack, to get out there and make anything happen, and I am so excited as your teacher to see where you go. I'm gonna be watching. I'm gonna be listening. And I know that some of our big problems in the world you're gonna solve. You're gonna fix things. You're gonna make new things."

Then he asked his students, "And most of all, what's the biggest thing that we can show our world? Inside here," Talcott said as he pointed to his heart.

"LOVE," the students replied.

"I love each of you so much, and I'm so proud of you as your teacher, thank you." Mr. Talcott said.

Watch the full video here: