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Video captures firework going into MLB's Busch Stadium stands after game

Posted at 11:05 PM, Aug 01, 2018

Cellphone video from Friday night shows a firework going into the stands at Busch Stadium.

It was recorded after the Cardinals win over the Chicago Cubs on July 27 during a scheduled “Fireworks Night” display after the game.

“It just seemed like it went straight up in the air and came straight down in front us, hit a chair and some kind of rupture right in front of us,” said Natalie Carlson, who was in the stands.

She said it took a moment for people to figure out what happened.

“Everybody was just kind of shocked, I grabbed my friends and was like 'everybody scoot back, get under something just in case it happens again,” she added.

She said they stayed and watched the entire show, not fearing for their safety.


In another view from the St. Louis Cardinals Facebook page, in left field at one point, it appears fireworks hit the stadium lights.

The Cardinals said they had had no reports of injuries from Friday night’s display. Representatives for the organization said their staff has been in touch with the fire department about the incident.

The St. Louis Fire Department said the Cardinals will provide a report on the incident to the city’s fire marshall.

Firefighters were present Friday night at the stadium as is a protocol with an event that involves pyrotechnics.

“I think it was just one of those things that happened, I’m not too worried about it,” said Austin Winter.

Collin Herdt added, “There should be more precautions obviously if that’s going to happen so safety for everybody should be the top priority.”