Vasectomy requests increase around NCAA Tournament

Vasectomy requests increase around NCAA Tournament
Posted at 8:26 PM, Mar 14, 2017

It turns out March is a good time for men to have a vasectomy, the Cleveland Clinic said. Perhaps around-the-clock basketball is the reason for an increase in men making vasectomy requests in March.


In 2014, the Cleveland Clinic put out findings that the number of requests for vasectomies increase around the time of the NCAA Tournament. The Cleveland Clinic updated its findings in the Daily Mail last week, noting that there is a 10 percent spike in requests for the days leading up to the NCAA Tournament. 

“We see a lot of men who have held off scheduling this until a time of year when they know that they can have some down time – when they can watch television or do something else of interest,” Dr. Edmund Sabanegh said.

The Cleveland Clinic said the procedure only takes 15 minutes, but requires a day or two of rest. Using the rest time gives sports fans a chance to binge watch college basketball.

“Typically they should take it easy on the couch,” Dr. Sabanegh says. “They will have an ice bag, too, for about six hours on and off. And they should not do anything strenuous for a short period of time.”

According to the Cleveland Clinic, a vasectomy is a surgery that blocks the tube through which sperm passes into the semen. The end result prevents a man from becoming a father, unless the procedure is reversed.