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Unvaccinated NYPD officers reportedly must wear masks or face discipline

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Posted at 12:29 PM, Aug 19, 2021

The New York Police Department has issued a new policy on masks, saying unvaccinated officers must reportedly wear masks while on patrol or face discipline.

The news comes after Mayor Bill de Blasio issued Executive Order 74 back in July, which states that beginning Aug. 2, "all city agencies must take all necessary actions to ensure that their contractors wear a face covering at all times."

According to a statement obtained by NBC News, the department said, "members of the service who wish to remove their face coverings in the workplace must be fully vaccinated and provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination to the Medical Division."

The new policy was shared with the entire department in an administrative bulletin on Tuesday, the New York Post reported.

The Hill reported that officers who don't have proof of being vaccinated would be required to wear a mask while on duty - inside, outside, and in department vehicles.

According to NBC News, if an unvaccinated officer is caught not wearing a mask, they would face disciplinary action, though the department did not specify what that action would be.

The Hill reported that regardless of vaccination status, all officers must wear a mask while in elevators or when interacting with public members.