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Two bird flu cases confirmed in U.S. zoos

One of the side effects that COVID-19 lockdowns had on the environment: the sounds of nature - like birds chirping - became far more apparent, especially for people who live in cities.
Posted at 11:44 AM, Apr 15, 2022

Two cases of bird flu have been confirmed in U.S. zoos, but officials said they won’t order widespread euthanasia of zoo birds the way they have on farms.

Agriculture Department spokesman Mike Stepien declined to release any details about the zoo cases Thursday.

Many zoos across the country have closed down their aviaries and moved birds inside whenever possible to help protect them from bird flu that officials believe is primarily being spread by the droppings of wild birds.

At many zoos, visitors are only allowed to see penguins because they’re usually the only birds that are kept behind a glass, where they’re shielded from spreading diseases.

That makes it harder for the bird flu to reach them.

Some zoos have taken steps to keep the bird flu from spreading.

They’re requiring zoo employees to change into clean boots and wear protective gear when entering bird areas.

Nearly 27 million chickens and turkeys have been slaughtered in 26 states to limit the spread of bird flu during this year’s outbreak.

Officials order entire flocks to be killed when the disease is found on farms.