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Trump's military parade would reflect 'affection' for troops, Mattis said

Trump's military parade would reflect 'affection' for troops, Mattis said
Posted at 2:47 PM, Feb 07, 2018

Defense Secretary James Mattis said Wednesday that the Pentagon is preparing options for a possible military parade to send to President Donald Trump for consideration.

In a rare on-camera appearance at the White House briefing, Mattis told reporters that the President's respect for the military was apparent in his request of a military parade.

"We're all aware in this country of the President's affection and respect for the military," Mattis said. "We've been putting together some options. We'll send them up to the White House for decision."

"The President's respect, his fondness for the military I think is reflected in him asking for these options," he added.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders defended Trump's desire to have a military parade when she was pressed by a reporter on whether that was the best way to show appreciation for the troops.

Sanders said the White House has not made a final decision and that they are "exploring different ways that he could highlight and show the pride we have in the military."

She added that "it's literally in a brainstorming session" and that the President did not give a directive that this is something that must happen.

Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta raised concerns Wednesday about the motivations behind Trump's parade request.

"Any other president, you would assume that it would be to honor our men and women in uniform, and would be done in good taste," Panetta said. "With this president, it's just worrisome as to what exactly he has in mind."

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina told CNN on Wednesday that there is nothing wrong with having a parade to celebrate the military but said to have a parade to show military might is "kind of cheesy and a sign of weakness."

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford confirmed Tuesday that initial planning for the parade is underway.

It is expected that the Army Military District of Washington, which oversees some military activities in the city, will be designated to coordinate parade planning, according to a senior defense official.

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