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Touted the 'Uber of lawn care,' this app connects people with lawn care services

Posted at 5:46 PM, Sep 15, 2018

DENVER -- Lawn work isn't the most luxurious task. Sometimes, maybe all the time, people hire the experts to do the work.

A new app just launched in Colorado that aims to help users find the right company for the right price. The free app, GreenPal, is now in 22 states. It allows you to shop for vendors all on your phone.

"Homeowners can pick who they want to work with based on ratings, based on reviews and based with price," said GreenPal co-founder Gene Caballero.

The process is simple. You download the app and put in all the required information. You request what you want done to your yard with your desired price. Different vendors in your area bid and you pick who you want.

"It’s really taking away that fear of bringing a stranger to your house," said Corey Husar, who owns Husar Lawn & Garden. "It has definitely springboarded my business forward by giving me more customers and more opportunities to reach my customers."

Caballero promises each vendor is vetted.

"We are doing everything we can legally to make sure the guy is who he says he is," said Caballero.

But with every business comes some bad reviews. KMGH did some research and a lot of gripes came from customers who said vendors set up times of arrival and then never show up. Others write about their frustrations of unsatisfactory work. Caballero says you can file a complaint.

"That will give the vendor 24 hours to come back and finish the property and when he comes back and finishes, that’s when the homeowner can pay, after the dispute has been raised and the issue has been fixed," he said.

More than 83,000 people have signed up for the app nationwide. GreenPal has only been in Colorado since August.

The app is free.