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Tips to save big at the grocery store this holiday season

Posted at 11:14 AM, Nov 16, 2018

During the holidays, you can get some amazing deals on food.

One of the most frugal families in America, known as the "Money Smart Family" online, says to make sure you stock up on all the right types of food if you want to save money.

Steve and Annette Economides say Thanksgiving is one of the most economical holidays out there because of the sales. 

They say the price of a turkey will drop at least 50 perfect from the normal retail price. So, if you have a bog freezer at home, you should consider buying one to cook after the holidays. The couple even says Thanksgiving is the cheapest time to buy ham.

However, there are other food prices to be cautious of buying.

"They aren't going to drop their beef prices, pork prices, fish prices," the couple says. "They are going to be normal or higher, because they are not using them as an incentive to lure you in.”

The Economides say it also does no good to stock up on items that will go bad. 

"You have to know what your burn rate is, and then you have to stock up according to what the burn rate is for your household. The burn rate means how quickly you go through things.”

For extra savings, make sure you download the app if your grocery stores offers one.  Also, load up on the digital coupons and try the app called Ibotta to get cash back. 

If you really want to save big, let others help you this holiday season.

“We're hosting Thanksgiving dinner for about 25 people, and the cost to us is going to be the turkey and some potatoes and setting the house up," the Economides say.

Remember to not buy anything until you’ve checked your own pantry to make sure you don't already have the goods.