Restaurant in Missouri offers nearly 30 different types of ranch dressing

Posted at 7:10 PM, Mar 29, 2017

A small restaurant in Soulard, Missouri  is getting big attention after a promotional video of the restaurant went viral over the weekend.

"Once the weekend hit, 14 million views of the video and every day when we open there's a line outside waiting to get in" said Jim Hayden, co-owner of The Twisted Ranch.


The video highlights The Twisted Ranch; a Soulard restaurant and bar which offers nearly 30 different types of ranch dressing, menu items even cocktails.

"It's delicious" said customer Ben Richmond. "I've already drank two of the ranch infused Bloody Mary's and they are to die for so I have no complaints" he said.

"We wanted to have a different idea than just another restaurant so we wanted to do something that might draw people in and be curious about what we're doing here" Hayden said.

"Ranch is everyone's guilty pleasure so why wouldn't you come" said Megan Burton, visiting St. Louis from Indiana. "I saw this place on Buzzfeed and that totally made the trip" she said. "We decided whatever we got to do would be good to do, but we had to make it here so definitely this is the highlight of the trip" she said.

All of the extra attention has come at a price. Because of the steady demand, the restaurant has had a hard time keeping up.

"It's a good problem" Hayden said. "You know we hate disappointing people that are trying to get in though so that's the downside, we really want to serve as many people as we can but we also want to make sure that they get the quality that we're known for" he said.

With their newfound fame, they're already thinking about what's next.

"We've talked about expansion before so this just pushes it up a little bit higher on the priority list" Hayden said.