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Police dog helps find missing boys

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Posted at 1:38 PM, Aug 05, 2022

A police dog is credited with helping find three boys.

“They're trained on human scent,” said Alex Molnar of the Gloucester County Sheriff's Office. “We give them a specific scent article and they're trained to track that specific human scent."

The boys got lost while riding their bikes in the woods outside Philadelphia.

After walking for about a mile, Shiloh the bloodhound picked up their scent.

“Come around the corner, through the creek and there's these three kids standing in the creek like Lord of the Flies, just hanging out,” Molnar said.

The boys’ grandmother said they won’t be allowed to ride their bikes in the woods anymore.

“In the car, I was like, ‘Just so you, know you are confined to the backyard and the house for the rest of the summer,’" Cherese Evans said.