Penn. mother charged after feeding baby vegan diet

Posted at 9:50 PM, Oct 11, 2016
A Pennsylvania woman has been charged with child endangerment for allegedly feeding her 11-month-old son a vegan diet, according to Time and other sources.
The mother, 30-year-old Elizabeth Hawk from Farmington, reportedly fed her son with strictly fruits and nuts after becoming “obsessed” with the vegan diet, state police said. Officials learned about the child’s condition after Hawk’s estranged husband contacted Fayette County child welfare workers.
The baby developed a rash “so bad that the child was scratching his skin off,” a police complaint said. Hawk subsequently refused to use a cream to treat the rash, the report alleges. 
Furthermore, doctors recently determined the baby is developmentally disabled and is unable to crawl during malnourishment.
Hawk faces a preliminary hearing Nov. 14.