No butts about it: tiger and goat cohabitate

No butts about it: tiger and goat cohabitate
Posted at 12:37 PM, Jul 23, 2017

A neglectful mother whose partner's unusual lifestyle became a sensation has taken over her mate's home with an odd companion of her own.

This isn't lurid reality TV. It's tigers and goats in Russia's Far East.

In 2015, a goat was placed in a tiger's compound in a wildlife park near Vladivostok with the expectation that he would be eaten. But the two appeared to become friends, becoming a popular topic on social media.

They broke up two months later amid escalating tensions. The park then brought in a female tiger; the pair had two cubs but the mother refused to nurse them and one died.

Now, the Primorsky Safari Park says, the "bride" is occupying the compound with another goat. Video shows them getting along ... for now.