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New hotel in Nashville to give 50% of profits to organizations benefitting homeless

The Gallatin Hotel
Posted at 9:58 PM, Apr 22, 2021

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Rooms at The Gallatin Hotel will provide more than just travelers a place to sleep at night.

Anchor Rentals owns the hotel that is opening in May at 2518 Gallatin Avenue. The company gives more than 50% of its hotel profits to nonprofits that work with people experiencing homelessness in Nashville.

"We give the majority of the profits of our hotel business away to different ministries around Nashville that serve mainly the homeless communities and some of the other under-served communities," said Micah Lacher, the developer and company president.

A weekend stay at the 25-room hotel will provide 16 beds, 30 meals, and 100 showers to people in the homeless community.

"I'm very interested at a personal level with trying to help these people get a hand-up and kind of restart their lives," Lacher said.

The Russell and 506 Lofts, two other properties run by Anchor Rentals, also contribute.

"We've got a commercial side to our business, which pays for our team and supports my family, and this is just to impact our community and make it a better place," Lacher said.

Donating funds to Room In The Inn, The Rescue Mission, ShowerUp and People Loving Nashville is a way The Gallatin Hotel will distinguish itself, according to the developer.

"If it comes down to us and another hotel, we're hoping socially-minded travelers would choose us over them because most of the hotels in town go to the investors and the owners and they're not going out into the community," he said.

Renovations to the hotel building that was formerly owned by East Nashville Church of Christ are almost complete. The boutique hotel will also feature an event space and taproom.

Hannah McDonald at WTVF first reported this story.