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New facial recognition technology aims to speed up airport travel

Posted at 3:21 PM, Apr 01, 2019

Boarding a flight can sometimes be a long process, and if you’re flying internationally, it can take even longer. However, thanks to new technology, you can soon say goodbye to those long wait times.

It's called facial biometrics, and essentially, travelers’ faces are their boarding passes.

One of the companies behind the facial recognition technology at the airport is SITA.

A machine scans the traveler’s face right before you board, ensuring the right people are getting on the plane.

"There is an element of enhanced confidence in your flight about who is on your flight from this activity," says Janice Kephart, former National Security Director says.

That's because U.S. Customs and Border Protection, along with SITA, uses your face against terror watch lists and illegal aliens.

"In the first two months, we've got 62 imposters that we could’ve missed, because human beings are pretty lousy when it comes to determining imposters," says Colleen Manaher, executive director of U.S. Customs and Borders Protection.

Manaher says biometric technology is enhancing traveler safety and convenience at airports around the country.

The agency hopes one day TSA will jump on board with using facial biometrics.

The new technology is currently being used at airports in Miami, Orlando and Atlanta.