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Meow Wolf, Omega Mart co-founder Matt King dies

Posted at 4:41 PM, Jul 12, 2022

The co-founder of the arts andentertainment company, Meow Wolf has passed away.

Matt King served as Meow Wolf’s co-founder and is credited with creating the company’s first immersive art show. A post on the company’s Instagram page mourning his passing also said he was present for the very first Meow Wolf meeting in 2008.

Meow Wolf is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which is one of their three locations, including Denver and Las Vegas. Meow Wolf’s second permanent art installation and alternate reality game, Omega Mart, found a home in Area15 in Las Vegas in 2021.

“Matt’s work as both a collaborator and artist was like no other: monumental, groundbreaking, otherworldly, and wild,” The company said in an Instagram post. “This is a tremendous loss to the world. And we are tremendously grateful to have shared time and space with him.”

Meow Wolf’s senior creative producer, Marsi Gray also shared a post honoring King. “Matt, one of the founders of Meow Wolf, has been such a lovely, darling, gorgeous, funny funny funny, amazing presence that has been foundational to the past 4.5 years I have worked with the company. Such a hard worker, so dedicated, and likely the most beloved human in our whole company. Our spirit animal. Laughter and play trailed around him, constantly. I think of Matt and I think of laughter.”

The company provided no further details on Matt King’s sudden passing.

This story was originally published by KTNV in Las Vegas, Nevada.