McDonald's is testing walk-through lanes for pedestrians

Posted at 7:51 PM, Aug 03, 2016

I’m actually surprised it has taken this long for a fast food chain to start testing this concept. McDonald’s and every other fast food place has a drive-thru lane. So why not a walk-thru lane?

McDonald’s Tests Walk-Thru Lane For Pedestrians

Uproxx reports that a Mickey D’s location in the United Kingdom recently tested this concept out. Between the hours of 2:30–4 a.m, the restaurant put its drive-thru service on hold and instead let people on foot “walk-thru” and order. They tried it out a couple of weekends ago and it seemed to be quite popular, but now the restaurant has a24-hour license (meaning hungry patrons can actually go inside to order), so McD’s won’t be continuing the walk-thru for now.

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The idea came about to take advantage of hungry foot traffic from a nearby nightclub. This particular McDonald’s location did not have a 24/7 operational license yet, so this was a way to keep the place open for business, without it literally being open.

Now that we know it’s possible, however, we hope the company will test out walk-thrus in other locations. After all, people on foot are hungry at 2 a.m., too.

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