Florida student charged with simulating a shooting

Student's actions connected to Parkland tragedy
Posted at 3:16 PM, Feb 15, 2018

A 6th-grade student at Dr. David L. Anderson Middle School in Martin County, Florida has been charged with a misdemeanor after he simulated a shooting, pretending to have a semi-automatic weapon.

The Martin County Sheriff's Office said students told teachers that the 6th-grade student allegedly said he had a gun for protection. A school resource officer searched the student and his backpack and did not find a weapon. The child was allowed back to class, but a deputy said, in class, the student put his hands up as if he was firing a semi-automatic weapon and began to make pop noises. 

The Martin County Sheriff's Office was called out to the school and the student was arrested for disrupting a school function. He is charged with a misdemeanor. No weapon was found. 

Parents were notified that there was an incident.

"It was very unnerving and disturbing and once again it's the kids that are suffering and it freaked me out after dropping off my son today, giving him a kiss and knowing how the other parents feel about yesterday and that the kids aren't here. It's heartbreaking," said Shari Sullivan, whose son is in 7th grade. 


Good afternoon, this is Joe Flanagan, Asst Principal of Anderson Middle School.  I have an important message to share with you.  Today, school officials worked in partnership with the Martin County Sheriff’s Office as we became aware that one of our students made a non-credible threat to his classmates and teacher related to the recent tragedy.  The student is in custody of the Martin County Sheriff’s Office and is being charged with a misdemeanor for disruption of a school function.
I want to assure you Anderson Middle School is committed to the safety and education of all of our students.  We thank the school staff and the Martin County Sheriff’s Office for their diligent work.
Thank you.