Arizona man says he contracted 'flesh-eating bacteria'

Posted at 12:58 AM, Jun 26, 2017

A Glendale man is speaking up to warn others after being diagnosed with a “flesh-eating bacteria” after spending time at a splash pad.

Jonathan Daggett checked into Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center after visiting a splash pad on Sunday, June 11. Dr. Frank LoVecchio said it’s hard to pinpoint where Daggett contracted the infection, but the temperature could have played a role.

“Unfortunately, as the heat goes up you’re more likely to develop bacteria and bacterial growth,” LoVecchio said. 

“My message is pretty much, be careful with your kids. Investigate their body. Look and see if they have any cuts or wounds. It’s not a joke. It’s really serious,” Daggett said, warning others to be aware and understand how serious an infection like his can be.

As of Sunday, Daggett remained hospitalized and is still being treated for the issue.